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Lilly & the Purple Plastic Purse Activities

    Purple Painting

    • Give each child a large sheet of plain painting paper or newsprint. Have them paint the entire paper purple with a brush, sponge or their fingers. They may mix purple and white paints to make different shades of purple before or during the painting process. When the papers dry, have the kids trace or freehand draw a purse, backpack or treasure box, using up most of the area of the paper. They may cut out their drawn objects. Provide purple ribbon, poms, chenille stems, glitter and craft foam. The kids should glue some of the craft items onto their purple cutout. Have the kids use a dark marker to write their name in the phrase, "?'s Purple ? (purse, backpack, treasure box)." Display the large pictures.

    Gather, Show and Tell

    • Display many items on a table that children may keep inside a purse or bag. Provide a purple gift bag for the group activity. Arrange the children in a circle on the floor and have them all sit down. Choose one child at a time to go to the table, choose an interesting item and place it in the purple bag. That child should stand in the center of the circle of children to "show and tell" what they have chosen. Have children place the items they have shown into a basket or box until the activity is over.

    Tongue Twisters

    • Have your group of children say the book's title together. Speed up the pace again each time the kids repeat the title. Explain what a tongue twister is. Write out the tongue-twister verse, "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." The children should repeat this tongue twister, going faster each time they say it. Allow time for the kids to make up tongue twisters using words that begin with the letter "P."

    Favorite Sunglasses

    • Use stencils or printable templates to create patterns for kids' paper sunglasses. Make several copies onto card stock of each of three or four patterns, such as stars, hearts, footballs, triangles or squares. Mark an area in the center of each lens piece for the children to cut out. The kids should choose a sunglasses pattern to cut out. When they have finished cutting, they may glue a piece of purple cellophane over the cutout lens. Provide markers to color or craft materials to glue onto the glasses.

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