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Making Money From Selling Advertising Space

If you are a content or information provider, you probably need some revenue from somewhere to survive and continue your publications, this is true for all kinds if publications.
A print publisher needs to invest in paper, and machineries to print out magazines or other publications.
An online writer needs to invest time and effort to generate good information and articles to publish in the website.
So, how do they earn revenue? Selling one issue of the publication at less than a dollar will not be able to fund the operations much.
Furthermore, most online information sites are provided free of charge to viewers.
So why do publishers continue to publish articles or magazines when it doesn't seem profitable at all? The solution to this is ADVERTISING! There are many advertisements in the newspaper or magazines or a information giving blog or website.
The revenue they earn from advertising helps them fund their operation.
This can be quite a profitable business if you have a big base of readers of your publications.
This is not achieved over a short period of time and requires good contents and marketing in order to achieve this.
The publisher can sell some pages or space in the publication (magazine, newspapers, or website/ blog) for a fee.
Most advertisers need to see that your publications have a good number of viewer ship before they want to advertise in your publications.
If you have more than 5,000 people reading your publications every month or issue, you can start seeing advertisers looking for you to advertise in your publication.
The price of the advertising can range from $10 a sponsor ad to more thousands for a front banner or cover.
Looking at this, actually being a information publisher doesn't seem that bad at all, some people make their fortune just by giving informations.
Some of the more popular information are, educational, gossips, politics, or even finance related.

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