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Natural And Organic Acne Treatment

Treating acne effectually within a short time is easier said than done. This is because of the root causes, overactive sebaceous glands, hormonal changes and hereditary factors. Though acne prevention during adolescence is not entirely possible, there are several methods for natural acne cures that are effective for quick recovery.

Rosehip seed oil, lavender oil, and rosa mosqueta oil are all high in essential fatty acids. You can apply either of them or a combination directly to the scars to hasten the fading of the scars. If you are combining, mix in equal proportions and apply several times a day. Significant results are normally seen in around 6 weeks.

Oatmeal is definitely worthwhile experimenting with if you are looking for home remedies for acne. It's a cheap, natural and a very effective exfoliant and even a great ingredient to a homemade face mask.

For those of you that want to go a completely organic and natural route to curing acne, there are many herbs that have been used for quite a long time. Many natural plants, roots, and other herbs can be used with great success, some of which include Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Strawberry Leaves, and Burdock root.

Baking soda - You can exfoliate your skin using baking soda. It is very easy and very cheap to made, and you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Rub your face with it and you will eliminate dead skin that will eventually infect and create acne. Besides getting plenty of rest and keeping stress and tension at a minimum, if you have acne, protecting your skin from the ravages of the sun and its ultraviolet (UV) rays should also be at the top of your list of priorities. And, contrary to some popular belief, a sunburn that causes peeling skin is not an effective, or even safe, way of treating acne. Exposure to UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer, hastens the aging process, and depletes the skin of much needed moisture.

Tamanu oil possesses antibacterial and wound healing properties. It also has soothing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. While using tamanu oil for acne, it can be applied directly, or in mixed form along with aloe vera. In addition to reducing acne outbreaks, it is effective for acne scar removal in the natural way.

Avoiding harsh skin cleansers is another important part of a natural acne treatment program. Instead of these products, try using a paste made from fresh basil leaves and sandalwood to clean your skin. Crushed strawberry leaves and witch hazel also work well, especially if you happen to have dry skin. Never use rubbing alcohol, however - this will dry out your skin, causing further irritation and making your acne worse!

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