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High Cost Of Weddings Put A Spot Light On Wedding Venues In Houston

The middle clash is shrinking, and the rich get richer. This is the story line that has been consistently threaded through news headlines across the United States of America. Especially since the recession, the budgets of citizens are being tightened. This effect is even being felt in Houston where normally the cost of living is relatively cheap. Houston is hurting as well, but there is a class among those in Houston who are feeling the pain especially more this summer. The newly weds.

The costs of weddings are skyrocketing. On average a wedding costs $28,000, which is more than half of a typical Americans yearly earnings. What do higher costs mean, especially in a weaker economy in conjunction with inflation? Well, its not only the newly weds who are hurting. Wedding venues in Houston, just like others of its kind across America, are hurting. These private venues now have to consider that their clients are no longer able to pay for their services, even if their services are adjusted to simply match inflation. So, the wedding venues have a choice. Wedding venues can either move forward steadfast and bite the loss of cliental, or wedding venues can drop their prices, and eat the profit loss.

For most wedding venues, to the disappointment of newly weds, continue to keep prices high. Their steadfast demeanor is not completely illogical. Since wedding venues in Houston are mostly private owned that means that owners have gotten used to a standard of living that could be threatened if they lower their prices. Furthermore, newly weds have to get married at a private venue, or most chose to at least. So when every private venue continues to keep prices high then what you have is newly weds forced to work their budget around the high costs of the wedding venue.

However, there is a sliver of hope. Some of the wedding venues in Houston have chosen to lower their prices. These few wedding venues are often not what you would hope for out of your wedding venue, but you can always find a diamond in the rough. This is an especially high probability in Houston where wedding venues are sprawled all over town.

The inflation rate continues to climb, and wages are still stagnated. Costs are rising, and the outlook is bleak. However, there is hope for the proactive bride. For those of us in Houston, we can consider ourselves lucky. Especially considering that on average the Northeast spends about $5,000 more on their weddings.

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