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How to Catch Water Bugs

    • 1). Skim the surface of the water with a fine bug-catching net to catch any bugs that might be swimming on the surface of the water. Some bugs, like the giant water bug, can swim very fast, and will make this task challenging.

    • 2). Rake the bottom of the pond or lake with a special tool or net to draw up algae and debris. Many bugs live beneath the water and eat the plants as their main source of food. By sifting through the algae and debris, you will find various types of bugs.

    • 3). Examine the shoreline for small insects floating in the surface of the water. Collect these by dipping a test tube into the water and gently scooping the insects inside the tube.

    • 4). Hold a net firmly into the flow of a stream so that the tip of the net touches the bottom. This method will collect stones and debris, but will also catch bugs floating in the debris.

    • 5). Pour a bucket of water along the land by the shore. This will cause bugs and beetles that live in the sand of the shore to come out of hiding where you can catch them with a jar or net.

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