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How to Raise Golden Tilapia

    • 1). Choose a suitable aquarium to house the fish. While small golden tilapia can happily live in 40-gallon aquariums, larger tilapias need at least 70 gallons. Bear in mind that it is more difficult to maintain water quality in a small aquarium so, if space permits, always opt for a larger size.

    • 2). Feed golden tilapia with standard fish food or soybean meal. They are one of the few fish species that can, and will, eat both animal and plant protein. Tilapia require 10 essential amino acids in their diet, though these are usually provided through store-bought fish food. Tilipia can efficiently harvest plankton from the water.

    • 3). Use a water heater to keep the temperature above at least 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Golden tilapia are susceptible to cold water and will stop eating if the water temperature falls to below 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Water below 55 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the fish.

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