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How to Create Your Own Sexy Bedhead Look with a Curling Iron

    • 1). Spray the heat protectant on clean, dry hair. Comb from root to tip gently so as not to damage the hair. Make sure there are no tangles.

    • 2). Pull a two-inch wide section of hair from the front and secure the rest of your hair away from the face with a duck-bill hair clip.

    • 3). Curl the section by winding the hair counterclockwise around the curling wand and hold for four seconds. Release the wand and pin the curl to your head with bobby pins to hold its shape.

    • 4). Release another two-inch wide section of hair from the duck-bill clip and repeat the curling and pinning technique. Do this until no more hair remains in the duck-bill clip and set the clip aside.

    • 5). Wait ten minutes for the curls to set and then remove all of the bobby pins.

    • 6). Use your hands to apply a texturizing gel to the hair. Bend your head down and then flip your hair over your head. Start at the ends and finger comb your hair with your hands up to the roots.

    • 7). Lift your head up and flip your hair back. Use hairspray to hold the curl and finish this bedhead look.

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