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Get Started On Your Website Now

Haven't started on your website yet? What is delaying you? If you have limited funds to invest in your internet business at this time or are just plain frozen with fear to create a website, then try a free website. The least expensive option is to sign up with a host provider that provides free hosting and offers a great site builder.

This will allow you to experiment with ideas and designs and just get your feet wet. It will also help you build your confidence and get you familiar with working with web pages. Do not use the free website for your business though. There are limitations to free websites, such as having no control over the placement of advertisements on your website. You want to convey a professional image and free websites just do not do this.

If you are starting an internet business, your most important asset is your website. I am not even talking about a website with all the fancy graphics and cool flashing images. In fact, there is no evidence that suggests that a fancy website will bring you more sales. Even if it were to bring you more visitors, if all they do is look at how cool all the graphics on your website are without looking at your content, then you have it all wrong. Your website content does the relationship building and promotes your products, all the fancy stuff does not.

In fact, the graphics might have the opposite effect of what you are expecting. You have actually distracted them and taken attention away from your content. Graphics take longer to load so you may lose some visitors because not everyone has high speed internet yet.
Instead, take the time to design a website that reflects your style, personality, products, and image. You will stand out from all the other websites out there because no one in this world identical to you. You will communicate to your visitors through the content, structure, look and feel of your website. That is what will make your website a success.

I am a full advocate of turnkey websites and pre-designed templates. They save an enormous amount of time and I just do not feel there is a need to start from scratch with all the tools that are available today such as site builders to help people design and build websites. However, I will also say that I only think you should use turnkey websites and pre-designed templates that give you the full ability to customize the website. This is how you will add your own personal touch to the design.

The bottom line is, get started on your website. Do not let money or fear hold you back. Just take the first step to get the momentum going to start your internet business.

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