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Do You Pay More for Gas or Water?

Fair warning- you are going to be shocked. I am sure that everyone grumbles when you pull up to the pump to fill up. As a local plumbing company with four trucks hitting the road every day I know how much a gallon of gas costs. But, have you ever thought of what you pay for water? Yes, water! Do you realize that you pay three maybe for times as much for a gallon of bottled water than you do for a gallon of gas?

Now here is the real shocker...the bottle of water you paid two dollars for is filtered tap water [http://www.rootermansc.com]. That's right tap water, the same stuff that comes out of your kitchen faucet. It simply has been re-filtered and put into a nice bottle with a pretty label.

The good news is that today you can afford to install a water filter [http://www.rootermansc.com] into your own home and have all the filtered water you can drink for pennies on the gallon. These new water filters come in all sizes and price ranges. You can install a simple unit under you kitchen sink for drinking water or you can install a whole house filtration system.

Other advantages include:
- Bottled water taste from the tap
- No trips to the store
- No jugs to carry
- No deliveries
- Appliances, fixtures and pipes last longer
- Reduce dry skin and allergic reactions from chlorinated water

If you have been buying bottled water and would like to save money (so you can afford gas) then a water filter system is worth looking into. Your local plumbing professional
can help with selecting a system and with installation.

Before deciding on a system you may want to have a test run on your tap water to see exactly what you would need to filter out. Your local plumber can help with this too.

Installation will only take a couple of hours and technology has made maintenance and changing filters a breeze.

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