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Easiest Way to Pack the Wheel Bearing

    • 1). Fill a one-gallon buck about a third of the way full with some kind of solvent. Gasoline or mineral spirits will work quickly and dissolve the grease, but kerosine and diesel fuel will work, too. Drop the bearing into your buck and allow it to sit for at least five minutes.

    • 2). Don your neoprene gloves -- don't just soak your self with carcinogenic hydrocarbons -- and pull the bearing out. Dip the paint brush into the solvent and use it to loosen the nooks in the bearing. Be careful not to dislodge any of the brush fibers, lest they lodge in the bearing. Spin the bearing around a few times and continue to clean it.

    • 3). Dip the bearing back into the solvent and swish it around vigorously. Turn the bearing some and repeat. Now, blow some compressed air in through the small end of the tapered bearing and remove as much grease as possible. Do not spin the bearing with the air gun, or you will risk damaging the bearing and may wind up with something pointy in your eye.

    • 4). Repeat until the bearing is completely free of grease, then rinse it off with water and immediately air-dry it with the air gun.

    • 5). Place a large gob of warm to room-temperature grease in your hand; allow it to sit in your hand and warm up if it's cold. Hold the bearing in your other hand, with the wide part facing down toward the palm of your grease hand. Hold it as though you were about to set it in your palm.

    • 6). Push the edge of the bearing into the gob of grease. Push hard; you're trying to force the sticky grease up through the roller bearings and out the top of the bearing race. Turn the whole bearing and repeat until it's thoroughly packed with grease.

    • 7). Spin the bearing to distribute the grease and repeat Step 6 until it's thoroughly packed with grease. You'll know it's packed when it gets a bit difficult to turn and everything metal is covered with gooey red stuff. Set the bearing on a clean work surface and cover it with a rag until you're ready to install it.

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