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Jagannatha Puri - A Pilgrim"s Paradise

The home of Lord Jagannatha Puri is the most visited pilgrimage in India.
It is located in the state of Orissa, along the Bay of Bengal coast.
This sacred place attracts tourists from around the globe every year not only for the exquisite Jagannatha Puri Temple but also for the picturesque natural beauty of the sea beach.
Various tour conductors arrange for Puri Jagannatha trips quite often especially during the festive season of Ratha Yatra.
The sanctity of Puri has come down from the age of the Puranas.
The Skanda Purana, describes this wonderful place as the resting place of the great Lord Vishnu and is one of the four dhams for all Hindus.
The white sandy beach and the serene atmosphere helps to get rid of all mental agonies and tiredness.
A walk along the beach when the sun begins to show His glamour seems to take you closer to the Almighty.
The other two cities of Bhubaneswar and Konark along with Puri are known as the Golden Triangle of east India.
All the three places are rich in cultural heritage and renowned historical events with exotic temples especially in Jagannatha Puri that draws tourists to this place.
If you avail of the Puri Jagannatha tour, you can relax and enjoy your holidays to the maximum.
The major sites that are often visited near Puri is the Chilka Lake where you can go for a boat ride and offer prayers to the Deity seated in a temple on the lake.
This is the biggest salt-water lagoon.
The other attractive places to visit are Gundicha Ghar, temple of child Krishna at Indradyumna, Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary, Markandeswar Tank, Sudarshan workshop, the museum and the Atharnala Bridge.
Above all the most interesting temple apart from the Jagannatha Puri Temple is the huge Sun Temple at Konark.
The beat time to visit this land of temples is during Ratha Yatra.
The event is celebrated in a majestic style and thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna throng to this place to lay hands on the auspicious rope that is used to pull the chariot of the Lord.
The Puri Beach Festival is also celebrated with great pomp and show in the month of November.
For tourists and travelers, Puri has in store exquisite handicrafts items to carry home as mementos.
The various items of shells that are available in the beach shops are really beautiful and work of art.
The Sand Art Park is a marvelous example of sand art and animation.
Art lovers are enthralled at the whole new style of art of the artist Manas Kumar Sahoo.
About accommodation facilities, Hotels in Puri Jagannatha, are among the best in all tourists' destinations.
The luxury hotels like Hotel Holiday Resort, Nilanchal Ashok, Sterling Days, Hans Coco Palms and others as well as the budget hotels offer great comfort and luxury to visitors.
The food in Puri is too delicious and pleases every connoisseur of food.
The sea-side resorts are really marvelous and great places to spend a holiday at sea.

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