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How to Use a Baking Soda Acne Treatment

Did you know you can use a baking soda acne treatment for your skin? When combined with water it can open clogged pores and exfoliate your skin.
It may also reduce redness and acne scars because it has a bleaching effect.
Finally it may balance the pH levels of your skin.
Best of all, you can find baking soda in your local grocery and it is cheap.
Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name for baking soda.
It is a salt.
It is a white solid substance, but you are likely familiar with the granular powder found in most grocery stores.
In fact, you probably have a box of it in your cupboard.
It is used in cooking because it reacts and releases carbon dioxide.
It is sometimes used in breads and confections like peanut brittle.
The carbon dioxide bubbles cause the corn syrup mixture in peanut brittle to rise, making the substance break easily.
Baking soda readily absorbs odors and is often used a deodorizer, especially in the refrigerators.
Baking Soda is a curious compound in that it is amphoteric.
This means it neutralizes the pH levels of other substances.
When mixed into an acidic solution, it behaves as base and reduces the acidity.
Conversely, when added to basic solution, it behaves as an acid and balances the pH.
This curious behavior is of particular importance when using a baking soda acne treatment.
It will likely alter the pH of your skin.
In some cases this may be helpful has a different pH may harm the acne bacteria.
However, it could also cause the bacteria to flourish.
Each person has unique skin, and therefore it is difficult to know if it is right for you.
A baking soda acne treatment consists of one part sodium bicarbonate combined with two parts water into a paste.
The area to be treated is cleaned and washed.
Then the paste is applied as a mask, gently rubbing the mixture into the skin for 20 seconds.
Depending on personal taste, the mask can be left on for 2 to 20 minutes.
It should never be applied for longer than 20 minutes.
Last, wash the paste off the skin.
Unfortunately, the baking soda acne treatment may have a few side effects.
One, it is gritty and difficult to wash off entirely.
It may leave a gritty residue on your skin.
Two, some people find it stings and irritates the skin.
Three, the paste may create a mess when applied.
Four, it may alter the pH of your skin.

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