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Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headphones Rating

The Bottom Line

Icemat's Siberia in-ear headphones have become my default headphones, replacing both the original PSP phones (which always fell out of my ears) and the budget-priced Sony over-the-ear style phones I used to use. I'm not an audio expert, and my comments on their sound quality should be read with that in mind, but everything I watched and listened to sounded great to me.

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  • Three different sleeves included for adjustibility.
  • Nice-looking design in black or white.
  • Audio sounds great.

  • No remote-control included.

  • Item: Siberia In:Ear Headphones
  • Type: Headphones
  • Manufacturer: Icemat (Now called "Steel Series")

Guide Review - Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headphones

I've been looking for new headphones for my PSP for a while now. The original ones, as cool-looking as they were, always fell out of my ears. Then my cat chewed through the wires. For a while I used a (very) inexpensive over-the-ear set, which were okay.

Good Looks

Though not quite as slick in appearance as the original PSP headphones, Icemat's Siberia phones are certainly designed to look good. Not only that, but they come with three different sets of sleeves so you can adjust the fit to your ears. For me, earbud-style headphones usually fall out, but the Siberia in-ear phones stayed put except when I accidentally yanked on them.

Good Sound

As I mentioned, I'm not an audio expert, and I was unable to compare the Siberia phones directly to Sony's PSP phones (see aforementioned cat comment), or to Logitech's similar PlayGear Stealth set(but I will do so soon), but the sound was much, much better than the cheap phones I had been using.

There were things I couldn't even hear on my old set that were clear and sharp on the Siberia set. They also effectively blocked out a lot of background noise, but I wouldn't recommend eating and listening at the same time -- chewing noises will seem really loud.

Good Price

MSRP for Icemat's Siberia In:Ear Headphones is $29.95 USD, so it's not a cheap set, but not the super-high-end pricey kind, either. If you're looking for a decent set of earphones without blowing your budget, these ones are well worth considering. I'm happy with mine.

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