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RiteTemp Thermostat Directions

    • 1). Move the "Mode Switch" to the "Heat" or "Cool" position to set the thermostat in "Auto-Run" mode. This mode is approved by Energy Star for efficient heating of your home. The "Mode Switch" is located on the bottom edge of the 8085, and on the right hand side of the 6022. The "Mode Switch" must also be set in either position to perform any other operation on the unit.

    • 2). Press the "Program" button to enter programming mode. The "Program" button is located in the bottom right hand corner of the 8085 and in the bottom left of the nine-button grid on the 6022. This takes you to the program screen, where you select target temperatures for different times on a set day. This is all handled automatically in "Auto-Run" mode, but you may wish to edit it to suit your needs.

    • 3). Set the desired day. On the 8085, simply touch the top left-hand corner of the screen, near where "Su" is displayed to select your desired day. On the 6022, press the "Day" button (which is also the "Program" button) to select the day you wish to set the temperature for. The currently selected day is displayed beneath the temperature reading.

    • 4). Choose which "Time Slot" you wish to program. Press the "Next" button on the 6022 to advance to the next "Time Slot." The "Next" button is located to the right of the "Program" button, in the center of the nine-button grid. Touch the top of the screen on the 8085, above the temperature readout in the center of the screen. The available slots are "Morn," "Day," "Even" and "Nite."

    • 5). Set the time of day the slot represents. On the 6022, this can be done by pressing the two "Time" buttons on the upper right-hand side of the nine-button grid to the right of the display screen. The time is displayed in the bottom left corner of the display screen. On the 8085, touch the time display, which is located directly underneath the day display.

    • 6). Set the desired temperature using the "Temp Up" and "Temp Down" buttons. On the 8085, these are located to the right of the display screen. On the 6022, these are at either end of the tall rectangular button to the left of the display.

    • 7). Program the temperature on the remainder of the time slots. Press "Copy" after you've set the temperatures for the entire day to select it to be pasted onto a different day. The "Copy" button is located underneath the time display on the 8085, and underneath the "Next" button on the 6022. Navigate to the desired day and press "Copy" again to paste the information onto the selected day.

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