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How To Market Your Home Based Opportunity With Articles In 3 Simple Steps

Hey Shakespeare! I can teach you how to market your home based opportunity with articles.

No step requires brilliance. In truth, to market with articles you need to be as simple as possible. Avoid wordiness. Get to the point. Solve a problem. Think short and punchy.

The goal is to help your audience. Provide knowledge. You can develop authority by offering usable knowledge on a consistent basis.

Keep these key concepts in mind when writing articles.

Choose A Keyword

Neglect selecting a keyword and you waste time. Why not direct the article at your target audience?

Choosing a keyword before writing an article is the easy way to do it. Using keywords leverages your presence by allowing your article to place well in search engines.

Select a keyword relevant to your home based opportunity. Search for a semi-competitive word or phrase. "Work at home" is too competitive. Try "work at home business opportunity" instead. Long tail keywords - like the previous example - are the way to go. Less competition means a better shot at topping google.

Write Usable Content

Select a topic. Write an article that helps to solve a problem.

"How to" articles draw traffic. Try breaking down articles in a step-by-step format.

As the saying goes order is heaven's first law. We prefer simple, orderly instruction in attacking a problem.

Since marketing your home based opportunity is a critical aspect of growing the venture you will want to write articles on how to advertise an online businesses.

Make your content usable. Be simple and direct.

Your readers should be able to immediately use the information shared in the article. Write with the goal of shortening your audience's learning curve in mind.

Provide value, become valuable.

Place The Keyword

Keyword placement and density affects how well your article places in search engines.

Use your keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph. Place the keyword once or twice in the body. Use the keyword 3-4 times in a 400 word article.

Avoid awkward usage of the keyword. If a keyword sounds stupid or wordy in a certain area of the article work it in someplace else. Put thought into the process. Writing 1 article that tops google generates more traffic that 50 articles written carelessly.

Article marketing provides a powerful lead generation tool when deciding on how to market your home based opportunity. Stick to my 3 simple steps and prosper.

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