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Which is the Right Way to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Business?

The first thing you stumble upon when you approach online marketing is affiliate marketing.
Usually it all begins like this: - You search for an easy way to make money online you surf the internet.
- You find lots of people fighting to get your attention to sell you the cheapest PDF report about the easiest and fastest way to make quick money online.
- You buy a small bunch of them and they talk about affiliate marketing.
- They show you how to set up a Google AdWords campaign and just wait for the profits.
- You invest some money in it and...
? Except for the conclusion, did I miss something else? Most of the times it works this way.
And the end is not usually a happy one.
In fact, when you get to the end of the process, you realize you didn't read the disclaimer, telling you that the results aren't guaranteed and that they depend on the quality of your marketing strategy.
So what? I have two questions for you.
Are you ready? "Is affiliate marketing with AdWords the easiest way to make money?" Maybe not the easiest but probably one of the more simple.
"Is affiliate marketing with AdWords the easiest way to lose money?" Yes, because as any kind of business, if you miss the planning part before launching it, you soon get lost in the turmoil of bankruptcy.
This is the main reason I see to create a preliminary AdWords testing campaign to build a solid foundation for your affiliate marketing strategy.
Here is one way to do it, and I will lay it out to you in 4 steps.
1) Start from a keyword research about the affiliate product you want to promote and choose a large set of keywords.
You can get inspiration from the product sales page and its meta-tags.
This will be your bucket of resources.
2) Write 2 ads at least and create your campaign with them split testing them.
3) Keep a close eye on the results, looking at which of the two ads is converting more clicks.
4) As soon as you have enough data, replace the losing ad with a new one, excluding the losing keywords from your bucket.
This way, with continuous testing and tweaking, you can almost daily improve your conversion results and, as a consequence, your cost per click will get lower and lower.

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