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How do I Search for Tax Liens & Judgments on a Residential Property?

    The process

    • 1). Find out the property owner's name and assessor's identification number for the property. Find the property tax assessor's website in the county where the property is located, and search the tax records using the property address.

    • 2). Search for the relevant county clerk of court's website, and click on the link to "search public records". Alternatively, you can drive to or call the county clerk's office and request the information.

    • 3). Select "judgments" and "liens" or "all." Any recorded liens or judgments should be displayed. Some counties do not allow searchers to print the documents from their websites but they can call and request copies. Some liens may not be shown on the website.

    • 4). You can order an independent property title search on the Internet on sites like

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