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Catonsville Dentist Offers Pediatric Dentistry For Improved Children" s Care

CATONSVILLE, MD- The importance of early dental care is becoming more and more evident with time. Several states already require mandatory dental exams for public school children and more are following suit. Because dental hygiene and care is linked with so many health related matters, prevention is key. Regular dental visits to Angel Dental Care, pediatric dentistry in Catonsville, can prevent a lifetime of problems.

Most dentists agree that children should have their first dental checkup around the age of 3. Catonsville dentist, Dr. Warshanna, works hard to make the first visit relaxed and comfortable for a child. The first visit is usually a time to discuss the importance of proper dental hygiene regimens as well as the roles that a proper diet and fluoride have in a child's dental health.

Besides establishing good dental health regimens, early dental checkups are valuable for another very important reason: They create comfort, trust and familiarity with dentists within your child, which will lay the foundation for a lifetime of proper dental health. Early checkups can also prevent dental anxiety from developing in the future, which sometimes result in complete avoidance of professional dental care with very harmful consequences.

Parents should begin dental hygiene routines even before the first dental check up by cleaning their baby's teeth daily with a soft rag or an infant toothbrush. After the child has 5 or more teeth, the toddler can be taught to brush on their own using non-fluoride toothpaste designed for children. Once the child is old enough to master the practice of rinse and spit, fluoride toothpaste may be used.

Dr. Warshanna can accommodate children of all ages to his practice, and the Catonsville pediatric dentist offers a full range of services to meet all of his young patient's needs. For older children, Dr. Warshanna can provide dental x-rays, fillings, cleanings and extractions if necessary, amongst other dental services. He can work with your child's orthodontist when necessary, and safe tooth-whitening procedures such as Zoom! 2 Whitening are also available for older teenagers.

Angel Dental Care, Catonsville pediatric dentistry, is a clean, comfortable and child-friendly office, and Dr. Warshanna is enthusiastic about offering pediatric dentistry in Catonsville to his practice. He encourages parents seeking dental care for their children to visit the Catonsville dentist for a consultation.

"If you have a child and are looking for a pediatric dentist in Catonsville MD, please stop into Angel Dental Care and check out our office, or call for an appointment where I will be happy to consult with you and your child personally".

Dr. M.S. Warshanna, a Catonsville dentist, can be reached at: (410) 747-0077. For further information please visit his website at: http://www.angeldentalcare[dot]com/.

About Angel Dental Care: Angel Dental Care is a multispecialty practice with Drs. M. S. Warshanna and Charles DeRoo. At Angel Dental Care, Drs. Warshanna and DeRoo are committed to patient satisfaction with offices in Catonsville and Annapolis. Together Drs. Warshanna and DeRoo offer the highest quality dental care in a comfortable environment. The dentists and staff at Angel Dental Care provide quality dentistry for people of all ages. As a team, they offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, oral surgery, restorative, reconstructive, and sedation dentistry. Additionally, Angel Dental Care has a private dental lab where they fabricate dentures, partials, crowns and bridges on site.

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