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How to Copyright a Brochure

    Affix a Copyright Notice

    • 1). Determine the brochure's date of publication and the name of the brochure's copyright owner. The copyright owner can be the person(s) who created the work or a company that has been assigned ownership of the copyright by the work's creator(s).

    • 2). Draft the copyright notice. The proper format is the copyright symbol © (the letter C in a circle), the word "Copyright" or the abbreviation "Copr." followed by the year of the work's first publication and the copyright owner's name. Example: Copyright 2010 Jane Doe.

    • 3). Place the copyright notice in the brochure. Although not required to copyright a work, the copyright notice provides readers a reminder that copyright laws protect the work. U.S. law requires that a copyright notice be placed in the copyrighted work in a way that provides "reasonable notice of the claim of copyright." See the Copyright Office's Circular 3, "Copyright Notice," for a list of acceptable placements. For printed materials, the copyright notice often appears on the work's title page or the page following the title page.

    Register Online

    • 1). Navigate to the Electronic Copyright Office's web page, if you prefer to apply electronically. Advantages of registering online include faster processing time, a lower filing fee and the ability to track the application's status. Fill out the registration form to create an account. View the tutorial and print out the tips before using the online form, to save time and to avoid problems or making errors.

    • 2). Register your copyright by completing the online application, known as Form eCO.

    • 3). Pay the filing fee by using a credit card. As of April 2010, the Copyright Office only accepts payment by credit card for online registrations.

    • 4). Submit deposit copies of the brochure to the Copyright Office. U.S. law requires a copyright owner to send "two complete copies of the best edition [of the] work" to the Copyright Office within three months of publication. Although you can upload an electronic file of your brochure while registering the copyright online, you must still send two copies to the Copyright Office. You can print out a shipping slip to send printed copies of your brochure to the Copyright Office while registering online.

    Register by Mail or in Person

    • 1). Navigate to the Copyright Offices forms online page, if you prefer to submit a paper registration. Download the PDF file for Form CO. Fill in the form online and print out the completed application.

    • 2). Request that the Copyright Office send you a blank paper registration application, Form TX, if you prefer to fill out the registration manually.

    • 3). Mail the completed registration form to: Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office, 101 Independence Avenue SE, Washington, D.C. 20599-6222. Pay the filing fee by including a check. As of April 2010, the Copyright Office does not accept credit cards for mail-in applications. Enclose the deposit copies or mail them to the same address at a later date. Alternatively, go to the Copyright Office to submit the registration form, the filing fee and the deposit copies of the brochure in person.

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