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1 Misunderstood Habit Reduces Early Ejaculation and Adds Years to Lifespan - Scientists Confirm

Scientists confirm, that the Secret To Increasing Your Health And Sexual Virility Lies In 1 Simple But Misunderstood Habit!
  • Simple, Fun and Easy To Do
  • Amazing Results For Women And Men
  • No Diets or Pills
  • No Specialized Equipment
  • Get Started Tonight!
What if I told you 1 simple and easy thing you can do to help you live longer and make you a better lover? Would you do it? Let's say, you've done it before or do it every now and then.
Once you learn how important it is, would you do it every day from now on? Now you may be wondering...
"If this practice is so easy and so important, and it's scientifically confirmed, then how come nobody has told me about it before? Must be illegal?" Nope it's not illegal though it does share few things with a couple of practices that are very illegal.
However it is something that has been frowned on by some religions and not always considered a "cool" thing to do.
I'm talking about Masturbation! Now Masturbation really does have a bad rap.
It is actually forbidden by some religions.
Evangelists once toured the country preaching against it's evils.
From a very early age, we are taught there is something wrong with touching ourselves and that we are dirty or bad if we do so.
Later we learn that masturbation is something you do because you can't get anybody else to have sex with you.
Now scientist are discovering that not only does frequent masturbation make you a better lover BUT frequent masturbation actually adds years to your life span.
Men, Masturbation Makes You Better Lover And Actually Adds Years To Your Lifespan Professor Graham Giles of Australia discovered that men who ejaculate more than five times a week during their 20s reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer by 30%! "We hypothesize that if you're not ejaculating often enough, some of that seminal fluid remains in the ducts of the prostate for a longer time than it needs to, and that biochemical changes occur in that fluid in the ducts that might be carcinogenic.
- Dr.
Graham Giles This study ties in with other research suggesting that frequent ejaculation prevents painful urination in old age.
So guys, unless you want to get prostate cancer or endure painful urination in your old age, you need to ejaculate at least 5 times a week! Now it would be just great if your significant other would help out and have sex with you at least 5 nights a week, 20 days a month, 240 times a year.
But chances are not all of you will get that lucky.
try this one: "Honey, recent studies show men who don't have sex 5 times a week, are more likely to get cancer and die.
You wouldn't want me to get cancer would you?" Who knows, maybe she'll go for it.
) And for you single guys, this doesn't mean run out 5 nights a week and grab just any strange lady from just any where.
Studies also show that the statistical benefits you'd get from frequent ejaculation get canceled out by the risk you run of catching something nasty.
Among other things, contracting an std increases your chances of getting prostate cancer.
So what does that leave you with? You guessed it! That leaves you with YOU! But there is nothing to be ashamed of any more.
It's okay to masturbate.
Not only does it put years on you life but, it will make you better in bed.
"A man can learn a lot about being a better lover through masturbation -- even if he has a regular partner," says Peter Sandor Gardos, Ph.
, a San Francisco clinical sexologist.
Masturbation makes men better lovers.
Men ejaculating too soon is the most common reason women don't have orgasms during intercourse.
A man who can masturbate for 15-20 minutes without ejaculating is far less likely to suffer from premature ejaculation during sex.
Many men are quick ejaculators due to bad habits they picked up as kids living at home with their families.
"The fear of being found out motivates boys to learn to masturbate to orgasm as quickly as possible," says Patricia Love, Ed.
, a Houston marriage therapist.
So you have been actually training yourself to ejaculate quickly.
Now that you are an adult, slow down and take your time.
Let masturbation become stamina building training sessions.
Try to masturbate as long as you can before ejaculating.
Your lady lover will love you for it later.
Make Masturbation As Close To Real Thing As Possible! Of course there is a huge difference between your hard, dry, scaly hand and a woman's soft and moist vagina.
To really get the most out of your stamina training sessions you need to make conditions as realistic as possible.
The closer your masturbation conditions are to a woman's vagina the better your extracurricular activity will translate into actual bedroom stamina! Not only that, the more your masturbation feels like real sex, the more you will enjoy it and the stronger your orgasms and ejaculation will be!

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