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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Female

    • A 30th birthday is a milestone one.birthday image by Albert Lozano from

      Turning 30 years old is an important occasion in a woman's life. For some women, it is difficult to let go of the 20s---especially if the birthday girl has not accomplished all she set out to do in the past decade. For other women, 30 is an age that they celebrate and mark as a hopeful season filled with new adventures and opportunities. Whatever the temperament of your friend on her 30th birthday, help her feel beautiful and special with sentimental, creative gifts.

    30-Hour Getaway

    • Gather a group of your friend's closest gal pals and celebrate her during a special 30-hour birthday getaway. Each of the friends who attends the getaway can chip in to pay for the birthday girl's share. The theme should be centered on "30", and the theme should come up in the weekend's activities. For example, make it a requirement that the group has to eat 30 desserts during the weekend, has to dance to 30 songs or has to take 30 dares. Make the weekend fun and comfortable for your friend.

    30-Stem Bouquet

    • Send a bouquet of 30 fresh flowers to your friend. Make sure you indicate on the card that the bouquet holds one flower to celebrate every year of your friend's life. Choose flowers and shades that your friend likes. You also can choose flowers and colors that have a deeper meaning. For example, the flirty purple anemone is a flower tied to Greek mythology. According to Greek myth, the anemone "sprang from Aphrodite's tears as she mourned the death of Adonis", according to Teleflora. The flower symbolizes luck and protection against evil. The softer peony symbolizes romance and prosperity, according to Teleflora. Mix and match blooms to create a 30th birthday bouquet that will mean something to the gift recipient.

    Personalized Coffee Table Book

    • Make a coffee table book that features 30 reasons why your friend is special and why you love her so much. You will have to pay a fee to print the book and have it shipped to you, but you can customize the pages, add copy and upload photos of you and your friend. Ask for help from other friends, who can send personal messages that you can type onto the pages of the book. There are a variety of websites that you can use to design your book, including Apple, Shutterfly and Kodak.

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