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How to Upholster a Seat

    • 1). Find out if the foundation of the seat you are upholstering can be reused. To do this, turn the chair over and unscrew the seat. Take off the fabric and any foam or cushion. Appraise the plywood for sturdiness. If it still has strength, it may be reused in the process of upholstering.

    • 2). If using new plywood, put the old plywood on top of the new and draw around it with a pencil. Put something heavy on top of the old plywood to keep it from moving.

    • 3). Use a power saw and a secure cutting table or sawhorses to cut the plywood into the desired shape. While in this cutting stage, use the power drill to drill four holes in each corner of the cut plywood.

    • 4). Take a measurement of the plywood to cut out the foam, which should be one to two inches thick. Cut out the batting and upholstery fabric, leaving six inches of overlay on each side. This overlay will be wrapped around the foam and stapled to the seat.

    • 5). Put the batting on top of the backside of the fabric. Place the batting and the foam in the center of the fabric and the plywood seat on top of the foam, with the drilled holes showing.

    • 6). Begin on the side furthest from you and pull the fabric and batting up and around the seat, keeping the fabric snug but not too tight. Staple the fabric and batting in the middle of the wood. Continue stapling the other sides, going from the center to the outer edges.

    • 7). After the stapling is done, trim off the excess materials. Turn the chair right side up and screw the seat back in.

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