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How to Pass the Maryland Road Test

    • 1). Show the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles proof of a valid Maryland Learner's Permit. Demonstrate proof of a valid vehicle inspection for your test vehicle. Check that your lights are in working order, your tags valid and that all gauges are operational. Allow the instructor to inspect your car for operational equipment before you begin.

    • 2). Adjust your seat and buckle your seat belt as soon as you enter your vehicle. Follow the orders from your instructor to begin the road test. Check rear view and side mirrors before you begin to accelerate.

    • 3). Perform the public road test portion of the driver's road test. Come to a complete stop every time you reach a stop light or stop sign. Look both ways before accelerating from the stopped position. Perform both left and right turns using your turn signal to indicate which way you are turning. Listen to the commands of your driving instructor and return to the Department of Motor Vehicles to perform the closed road course.

    • 4). Begin the closed road course section of your road test. Perform a two-point turnabout on the course. Pass the two-point turnabout cone set up and come to a complete stop. Back up between the cones, stop, accelerate out from between the cones and turn the vehicle to pull out in the opposite direction from which you started. The two-point turnabout process must be completed in three minutes to avoid point deductions.

    • 5). Perform parallel parking to the satisfaction of your instructor. Pull the vehicle up to the parellel parking cones so you are even and parallel to the front cone. Back up while turning the steering wheel to guide your vehicle between the cones. Look out your back window to guide yourself as you back up. Come to a complete stop once you are between the cones. The parallel parking process must be completed within three minutes to avoid any point deductions.

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