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How to Decorate a Gas Fireplace

    • 1). Change the exterior of the fireplace. If you are unhappy with old brick or a drab wood, add a fresh coat of paint or mosaic tiles around the fireplace. Paint can cover a lot of unflattering features and can brighten up the fireplace area. Mosaic or other tiles add intricate design to the fireplace. Be sure to use paint, tile and adhesive that is safe to use around an open flame.

    • 2). Place decorative elements on top of and around the fireplace. Pictures, candles, plants, vases and even urns look great when featured on the mantle or base. Use varying heights of candles to add a bit of dimension and feature frames that are stylish and unique. Plants add a natural element to the fire, but be sure they do not come in contact with the flame. You can even place lit candles inside the fireplace during warmer months when the fireplace is not in use. Doing so provides a creative use of the fireplace and makes for an attractive conversation piece.

    • 3). Hang a large, decorative element above the fireplace. Large mirrors, paintings or even a flat-screen television look quite stylish above gas fireplaces. Be creative and bold when choosing an accent piece for the space.

    • 4). Place topiary plants and trees in front or next to the fireplace base. Use both tall and short plants that vary in design and color. Decorating with plants adds a natural element to the fireplace and also adds elegance.

    • 5). Choose a decorative fireplace screen. Even though your gas stove may not give off any sparks, you can still place a screen in front to add style. Many screens have designs on them. Some even hold candles and pictures. Pick a screen that has features and colors that will complement those already incorporated into your fireplace.

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