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How to Identify Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

    • 1). Find the luggage stand and put your suitcase on top of it as soon as you enter your hotel room.

    • 2). Take your flashlight out and head over to the bed. Pull back the bed linens and examine the mattress cover. Look for tiny black fecal stains left from the bed bugs, as well as light brown skins or live bugs. Bed bugs typically smell like raspberries, but if the hotel room is infested it may smell like mold.

    • 3). Pull back the mattress cover if you don't see any evidence of bed bugs on it. Using the flashlight, check the mattress for any signs of infestation. Check along the lower and upper seams of the mattress, as well as the mattress tag.

    • 4). Slide the mattress off one side of the box spring, if possible. Check the bottom of the box spring for any signs of infestation.

    • 5). Check the headboard of the bed. Since it's not likely that you will be able to take it apart to thoroughly examine it, shine your flash light on top of the headboard surface and position the mirror behind it to check for bed bugs.

    • 6). Open the nightstand. Check the drawers for any signs of infestation. You are more likely to find beg bugs in here, if there are any, as these are probably not cleaned by the staff as often as the bed linens.

    • 7). Examine any pictures hanging on the walls. Shine your flashlight on each corner of the frame and behind the picture. If you can fit your mirror behind it, this will also help to determine whether any infestation is present.

    • 8). Request a new room if you find any bed begs. Upon receiving your new room, repeat your check all over again.

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