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Marriage in China - US Citizens Save Money on Air Fare and Make Their Departure a Honeymoon

This article has been written to save U.
Citizens money on travel to China and to help them make the best of their time before returning to the US.
This is part 3 of "Cost For U.
" In part one, we looked at the legal cost of hiring an attorney.
In part two, we discovered the cost for filing documents and petitions.
Here in part 3, we will get advice from U.
Citizens who have traveled not only for their marriage in China but also learned how to save money in the process of bringing a Chinese spouse to the US by paying attention to some simple facts and using them to their advantage.
Cutting the Cost of Air Fare for a Marriage in China When planning to purchase your airline ticket, buy it at least 60 days in advance.
A round-trip ticket to China these days can be very expensive, so generally the longer you wait, the more expensive it will get.
For example, this past summer I purchased tickets to China almost 2 months in advance.
Two weeks later I checked the price of those same tickets and they had gone up in price by $340 each.
Many who traveled for a marriage in China last year and purchased tickets 6 months in advance were able to find air fare as low as $900 round-trip.
For some who waited until the last 30 days before departing for China they ended up paying $2000 and even more.
In summary, ordering your round-trip ticket to China well in advance can save money.
Save Money on International Flights Here's a great tip that not only will save money but can provide you with the opportunity to experience a great honeymoon after your marriage in China.
All countries have entry points for international flights.
From these entry points if you need to catch a flight to your final destination in China have your Chinese spouse or fiancee check with a travel agent in China on the cost of the domestic flight.
Since almost everything in China cost less, including air travel, purchasing this ticket through a local travel agent instead of including it with your international flight could save you some big money after your marriage in China.
Make Your Return Trip a Honeymoon After my marriage in China I needed to wait for my Chinese spouse to get a date for her U.
Consulate interview for the K3 Visa.
To break-up this wait time for us I made 2 return trips to China.
On the flights from China back to the US I needed to leave once from Beijing and the second time from Shanghai.
My wife and I took domestic flights (tickets purchased in China) from her home town to these great cities where we spent a couple of days taking in the sights and great food.
This is something you can possibly plan into your trip after your marriage in China.
Be sure to have your Chinese spouse keep all the receipts, records, and photos of the time you spend together.
This information will be required at the U.
Consulate interview for the K3 visa and will provide part of the evidence for proof of your relationship with your Chinese spouse.

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