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Traffic Generation - Planning to Get Web Site Traffic - Part I

You are facing these 3 main challenges in your online business right now!
  1. How to make money online
  2. How to build a list
  3. How to get traffic
All you need to get going and start making money right away is an idea, an affiliate program or two, and maybe a product or a website.
Right? First, change your thinking...
fast! It's time to focus on the right priority or you will be filled with anxiety every month, wondering if you have enough cash to cover your advertising expenses, never mind the value of your time.
Second, start planning! You need to plan how to:
  1. Generate QUALITY traffic
  2. Build a list FAST
  3. Create PROFITS online
It's only when you have a written checklist that includes activities to cover all three of these steps weekly do you have the beginning of the plan.
Without the first step, getting QUALITY traffic, the other two really don't matter.
So, avoid those offers of cheap traffic we all get and start implementing a schedule of weekly activity to generate quality web site traffic.
Third, learn how to get the four best sources of free quality traffic generation.
I learned about these four sources from my mentor and now you can too! Learn how you can build traffic too through: Article Marketing: .
You can write articles of interest and real value to your target audience that include a link to your web site by submitting your articles to various article directories.
It takes no cash, just time Joint Ventures: You can develop relationships with other marketers by sending their offer to your list and asking them to send your offer to their list...
but first, you need a list.
I can help! Press Releases: You can write announcements about your newest product, e-book, or marketing venture and submit it to a variety of press release distributors.
It's not so much advertising as it is an announcement first and foremost...
but first you need something to announce - use your imagination.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Don't sweat bullets about SEO.
You can learn the basics of sales copywriting.
Simply, focus on creating web page content for eyeballs and you will learn to place your keywords strategically to satisfy the search engines.
Then, create links to your web pages from other quality sites such as e-article sites.
You need your own website contact information capture page, plain and simple, if you want to generate quality web site traffic from links.
Don't continue to jump on every new bandwagon that comes along every few days.
Until you get a written plan and weekly checklist for web site traffic generation, you are limiting your possibilities to create profits online.
Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to creating profits online successfully: "How to Breath Life into Your On-Line Business"

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