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Tips on bringing up children

When bringing up children there are lots of things to consider, from toilet training, which will require a potty training seat [], to protecting them from illnesses and learning how to deal with a sick child. Some say that raising a child is one of the hardest jobs out there, but also the most rewarding.

When teaching your child how to use the toilet properly, or at least the potty, then don't expect it to be solved over night. The average child takes about a year to be fully potty trained.

Discipline is important when bringing up a child and it is the parent's job to teach their child what is wrong and right. Through discipline your child learns that some kinds of behaviour are acceptable and others are not, which set boundaries helping them to learn how to behave in wider society.

Disciplining is difficult to deal with because it demands consistency and the rules have to apply every day, which can be both rewarding and tiring. Inconsistency and lack of discipline will create confusion in the child and they will more likely try to test their parent's patience.

Parents are the most influential role models children will have since birth. Parents, who praise their children when they have done something good, should have qualities of kindness, honesty, friendliness, hospitality and generosity to their children. This will encourage them to behave in the same way and take on examples for later life.

It is also important to spend time with your children when they get older, despite busy lifestyles. Arranging a time each day, such as during breakfast or dinner, when the entire family can be together will introduce a fixed routine which is good for stability. Mealtimes provide a good opportunity to talk about what everyone has done during the day. Parents are encouraged to show interest in their children's conversation, to allow them to open up and share as much as possible.

Encouraging you children to take part in activities is important, keeping them active and sociable. Doing activities such as swimming once a week with friends, or as a family, will get your child used to getting out instead of being stuck inside and becoming addicted to games consoles and television.

Communication is an extremely important tool amongst children. Talking will encourage your child to become more sociable and confident with themselves and around others. When your children want to talk or ask questions, encourage them. If you are dismissive or always say you are too busy, they may express frustration and stop wanting to share their thoughts and feelings. If the family has a problem.

that concerns your child, involve them in the discussion and try to find possible solutions together with him or her.

When discussing options, also talk about consequences. The possible outcome will influence your final decision. Be open to the child's suggestions. Let them take part in the negotiations and the decision. A child who experiences this kind of communication will become very confident and learn the rules of good communication.

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