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Genital Wart Home Treatment to Cure Your Warts

Genital warts or HPV is transmitted through sexual intercourse or skin on skin contact with an infected person.
If you know someone who has this problem but there are not present, you should use protection to limit your risk of contracting the infection.
These warts are not always noticeable.
If you suspect something is wrong but can't tell what it is your doctor vagina, cervix and/or anus with an examination.
A test swab will be used to test for high-risk strains of the virus.
In women, this may be performed alongside a cervical Pap smear test.
In many cases a person who has become infected with HPV will never see any signs of genital warts.
This is because the person may have a strong immune system that is fighting off an outbreak.
Once you do see signs of an outbreak, you must see the doctor as soon as possible.
The longer you wait (either because you are embarrassed or don't have the money) your genital warts may become more serious in nature.
Apply oil (vitamin E) on the affected area and put some chopped raw garlic pieces on it and cover using an adhesive tape.
Extract juice from onion slices and add salt to it and apply this juice on the wart-affected area.
Another effective idea is to apply the milky juice of figs on the warts 2-3 times in a day until the warts disappear.
One of the most common types of home remedies is putting a few drops of apple cider vinegar on the warts using cotton ball.
Consume foods rich in folic acid and beta-carotene.
Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.
If none of these treatments work then you can seek medical professional help.
Going to the doctor from something as genital warts isn't something we want to do, but have to do in many cases.
Once you get over the initial embarrassment then you will be more then happy you sought out treatment.

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