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How do I Put Transmission Fluid in a 1993 Ford Aerostar?

    • 1). Park your Aerostar on level ground, then open the hood and locate the transmission dipstick/filler tube. The tube runs from the transmission, up the passenger's side of the engine toward the front.

    • 2). Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature for an accurate reading. Wipe any dirt or other debris off the dipstick cap with a clean rag and pull the dipstick out of the tube. Wipe the dipstick clean and slide it back into the tube.

    • 3). Pull the dipstick out of the tube again and check the fluid level. The level should be between the top and bottom of the crosshatched section of the dipstick tube. Add fluid if it is low.

    • 4). Place a clean funnel in the dipstick tube and add transmission fluid in ½-pint increments, rechecking the level every time you add some. Do not over-fill the transmission or you will damage the internal parts and pump.

    • 5). Remove the funnel and insert the dipstick when the fluid is full. Shut off the van and close the hood.

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