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North Cyprus Villas - Dreaming About A Mythical Paradise?

North Cyprus is a neutral country when it comes to religion and you will find a very cosmopolitan mixture in this region of Cyprus.
The island of Cyprus is the 3rd largest throughout the Mediterranean coming after Sardinia and Sicily, and it is situated at 65 km south of Turkey.
There are several other countries in this region including Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Greece.
In 1974 Cyprus was divided into 2 countries with the Turkish Cypriots living on the north and the Greek Cypriots in the south.
Real estate tends to be a lot more cheaper in the North than anywhere else in the Mediterranean Sea, so you will always be able to find a bargain there or a cheap rental.
The shape of Cyprus is due to the side pressures formed during different geological ages.
Capes have arisen where the land has been strong enough to the sea's erosion and Gulfs created where the land could not stand up to the effects of the sea's erosion.
There are in fact 2 capes being the Zafer Cape; which is situated on the tip of the Karpaz peninsula, and the Korucam Cape which is found in the west of the island.
There are also 2 gulfs located in Guzelyurt and Famagusta and with such beautiful natural scenery, North Cyprus has become a very popular tourist destination filling up the villa rental homes throughout the year.
The feature that sticks out most in North Cyprus is a mountain range called the Kyrenia Mountains or Five Finger Mountains, which is situated in the North.
The range is quite narrow but almost 130 Km long and runs parallel with the coast and in total measures a region of about 260 sq Km.
The composition of the range is largely limestone, dolomite, and marble and they also offer the most spectacular views.
You can also find cheap accommodation in the region as there are plenty of North Cyprus villas.
The northern coast is very fertile and lies home to great vegetation including olive and carob trees.
There is also a large natural spring in the Five Finger mountain region which also has great access from the North Cyprus villas.
The villas themselves hold great views of the Mesaoria plain, which is found in the centre of the island between the Kyrenia and the Troodos mountain ranges.
You will find North Cyprus villas located on the northern and eastern coast lines which truly have a great advantage point when it comes to views of the blue Mediterranean waters.
You will find small coves and bays along this stretch of coast where both swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed to a maximum.
If you aren't really a beach person then don't worry as the North Cyprus Villas also offer private Swimming pools.
So as you can see North Cyprus really does mark the difference when it comes to staying in holiday rental villas with such splendid views, places of interest and a mild climate throughout the year.
Don't waste any more time looking at holiday destinations and come and explore the different side of Cyprus with North Cyprus villas.

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