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Winning Your Ex Girlfriend Back - She Dumped You But You Still Love Her And Want Her Back!

No, you're not going mad even though you feel that your world has ended - this is normal after a relationship has ended, and most people feel like this after a break up.
The thing is though, if winning your ex girlfriend back is the main thing on your mind, then you MUST pull yourself together and do something about it.
There are dos and don'ts to succeeding with this, so read on and discover how to do the right thing.
First of all, DON'T keep calling her.
This is really going to aggravate her, and she won't think much of you either, because you are probably begging and pleading with her to be taken back - this is a sign of absolute weakness, and is not attractive to her at all.
What you definitely must DO is get a hold of yourself, and give her time to get over the break up in her own way, at her own pace, without pestering her.
Without your interference it will happen a lot faster, and she will start thinking a lot more positively about you as well.
When you are with your friends DON'T, under any circumstances, talk badly of your ex at all.
Everything you say to them WILL get back to her, and if she hears that you have been bad-mouthing her, it will do plenty of damage to your chances of winning your ex girlfriend back.
DO accept the fact that she did dump you and that things could go either way.
You need to find out why she dumped you and try to fix the problem if possible.
You need to be able to explain to her that you know what it is that you did wrong and how you are going to resolve it.
Also, have patience and give her time to decide what she wants to do.
Above all, if you try winning your ex girlfriend back, and things don't work out the way you want them to, DON'T become depressed again - you have your whole life ahead of you, so get out there and enjoy it - you WILL be happy again!

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