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How to Use Citrus Shades for Your Curtain Fabric

Bring sunshine and warmth into your home by decorating and choosing curtain fabric based on warm shades of zingy yellow, tangy orange and luscious lime.
Yellow Yellow is a warm colour and is associated with sunshine and energy and is said to stimulate the intellect.
It is ideal to use in kitchens, dining rooms and north facing rooms.
To create a sunny kitchen, paint the walls yellow.
As most kitchens have fitted units there is not a great expanse of wall on show so the bright colour should not be too overpowering.
If bright yellow is too much for you choose a pale lemon colour and add bright yellow accessories for a cheerful kitchen.
For your curtain fabric choose a vibrant floral design or a stripe or country style check in yellow and white.
Orange Orange is also a warm colour and is thought to aid digestion so is ideal to use in a kitchen or dining room.
Try using orange in its terracotta hue - think of the colour used widely in the Mediterranean for houses, or the colour of the coastline in the Algarve.
Use this colour for a feature wall and for cushions, rugs and throws.
Lime Green Green is normally thought of as a calming and restful colour, however in its bright lime tone, it is much more vibrant and energising.
Use as an accent colour, for a feature wall, or as an upholstery fabric on a statement chair.
Citrus shades Using these vibrant shades as the main colour in your decorating scheme may be too overpowering and bold so you could just paint a feature wall in one of these colours or look for a curtain fabric with these colours in it, for example a vibrant floral design.
If you want a really vibrant scheme for your living room, look for curtain fabric with all of these bright citrus shades, use with neutral walls and floors and pick one of the colours for your sofa and chairs.
These colours are perfect when used as an accent colour for cushions, rugs and throws.
Use to inject some colour into a neutral colour scheme.
For example, yellow works particularly well in a predominately grey scheme; orange can be used with neutrals such as taupe and lime green looks great in a white scheme.
Citrus shades will add a real 'wow' factor to your room and inject colour and vitality!

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