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How to Create Light Motion Trails

    • 1). Set the camera to manual mode. This can usually be accomplished by dialing a rotating dial into "M" mode or setting the mode to "M" through an electronic menu. All cameras are different so consult with the camera's manual for exact directions.

    • 2). Set the shutter speed to a "slow" setting. A one-second shutter speed means that the shutter is opened for a full second. A 1/60-shutter speed means that the shutter is opened for a fraction (1/60th) of a second. The longer the exposure, or the slower the speed, the more time the shutter remains open to capture light trails.

    • 3). Place the camera on a sturdy surface to avoid body-induced vibrations that could cause excess blurriness.

    • 4). Press the shutter button to take a picture while moving the light source in the frame to create "trails."

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