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My VW CD Changer Won't Play

    • 1). Check your VW's User's Manual for supported formats. Older CD changers do not play self-created CDs. If a CD you burned at home is not playing, you need to check out this information. Download the User's Manual directly from the VW website if you no longer have it. (See References)

    • 2). Spray compressed air into the CD changer. This removes dust that might be stuck to the lens of the device. CDs you use in a dirty CD player might skip, until you clean off the lens.

    • 3). Wipe off the bottom of the CD with a clean, soft cloth. Fingerprints, dust and dirt prevent the CD from playing correcting and might even damage the lens of the CD player.

    • 4). Check the VW's User's Manual for the placement of the fuse box (in most models, it is located under the steering wheel). Locate the stereo's fuse and remove it from the box. If the fuse is damaged, black or cracked, it means your stereo is not receiving power. Replace the fuse.

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