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Five Tips for a Sexy Little Christmas for Couples

Holiday time is a source of strain for many couples.
One or both partners may work hard to please other family members, manage social engagements, and fulfill obligations to friends and co-workers.
Add in one or more young children and the holidays get complicated fast! Even though holidays are shown to be a time of romance, what with winter walks, cozy fires, and sparkly gifts, a lot of couples end up calling a marriage counselor once New Year's Day has passed.
They've gotten on each other's nerves, disrespected one another, and haven't had sex since before Halloween.
If this is starting to sound like your relationship, it isn't too late to salvage the season and enter the new year happily connected.
Here are some tips:
  1. Plan for some alone time.
    Exchange baby sitting if you have children.
    If you are single, say no to some of the social invitations and make a date for the two of you.
  2. Make gift shopping really fun.
    Turn it into a date by adding on dinner and a movie at the end of the day, or take a day trip to another town and do your shopping some place new that you can explore.
  3. Let little things go.
    Don't try to control the holiday celebration to make it go just your way.
    Be flexible and compromise on ideas.
  4. Put sex on the schedule.
    I know that doesn't sound romantic, but it can be exciting to have something to look forward to.
  5. Make a pact to buy sexy little gifts for each other.
    A tasteful book of erotic photos, some flavored lubricant, or even a giant feather or fur mitt can be fun.
A relationship is really made up of memories.
Communicate with each other what kind of memories you want to look back on.
Do you want to reflect on what a giant pain the holidays are? Or do you want to remember cuddling up together while you took a winter walk or drive to look at holiday lights?

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