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Video: Changing the Page Size on a Desktop

Video Transcript

Hey. My name's Zach. I wanted to show you how to change the size of pages or windows in your computer. Now this is a really good thing to do because sometimes you can have multiple windows up and you want to be able to organize them differently. If you change the size it might all fit on your screen. So first we're going to need an Explorer window. So let's open it by clicking and we can resize this in multiple different ways. So I could click and drag this up in the corner and let's say I want to do another new window. So I could hit control n to get another new window. And now I can resize this by going to the side and when you see the double arrow you can click and drag in to resize. And then I could place that up in this corner and make this one even a little bit bigger. Let's get even one more. Now this one, I want it to be long and skinny. And you can adjust this one just by clicking on it. You'll notice that the background turns like a brownish color. Depending on how your computer is personalized it's going to be a different color hue there. But still it's going to be the same effect. And also if you wanted to make one of these windows the entire screen to overshadow any of the others, what we could do is just hit this square button here to maximize and it'll maximize it your entire desktop. But if you hit this double window it says restore down and it'll go back to the original spot that it was. My name's Zach and I hope this video helped. Thanks for watching.

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