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How to Obtain a Mexican Passport in Mexico

    • 1). Be a citizen in Mexico, having lived in the country for at least two years. If not a citizen, you must be a resident of the country. U.S. citizens must renounce their American citizenship or residency to be eligible for a Mexican passport.

    • 2). Gather all required documents necessary for Mexican passport. Supply a valid birth certificate (must be a Mexican birth certificate only), copy of the CURP (cedula unica de registro de poblacion) card and a current photo ID when you mail in the application.Other acceptable documents include certificate of citizenship, naturalization certificate or an expired passport.

    • 3). Apply for a Mexican passport from the Instituto Nacional de Migracion official website. Click on "passports," or "pasaportes." Print and fill out the application with accuracy. Supply necessary documents along with application. Mail the application into the Instituto Nacional de Migracion.

    • 4). Take two passport size photographs 3.5 x 4.5-cm in size. Make sure that the photo shows your full face at front view. Keep eyes open. Take photo in a plain white or off-white background and avoid shadows on the face or in the background. Maintain relaxed and natural facial expressions. Hats or scarves must not be worn during a passport photo session.

    • 5). Expect a letter from the Instituto Nacional de Migracion about the status of your passport application. Once you receive your confirmation notice from the Instituto Nacional de Migracion in Mexico, expect to receive your Mexican passport within four to six weeks.

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