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Jonathan Budd Review-Master of His Craft?

ost who have undertaken even the most basic research into the online MLM industry will be familiar with name Jonathan Budd- he and his information is literally everywhere online- one of the key ingredients of success, and a significant indication he is a consummate master of how to market online

I first stumbled upon Jonathan via his video: CM + K + A = Residual Income in which he discusses the concepts of " LIST BUILDING, LEVERAGE" and" RELATIONSHIP BUILDING" in terms of OLD and New school MLM thinking.

Though to some his manner may be a little grating, he is certainly a master of his craft, becoming one of, if not the youngest, Online Millionaires in less than 3 years establishing a business generating in excess of $ 2.6 million per year.

What are the keys to his success?

Very few indeed enter the MLM arena and enjoy instant success; Jonathan Budd being no exception. Like most things in life, there is always a price to pay coupled with a period of significant learning; after struggling for 9 months in the "Traditional" MLM mode, chasing family, friends, cold calling etc, he eventually discovered Attraction Marketing via the online medium and the rest, as they say, is history.

Without doubt, Budd has an intimate understanding of both Attraction and Affiliate marketing- though whether he is as accomplished at building and sustaining downline organisations is unclear.

However his credentials, in building an integrated Online Marketing Platform, which continues to churn out leads on autopilot is unquestionable:

So what does he bring to the table?

Budd has a full suite of marketing services/products, aimed not only at "New" industry entrants, but also offers significant value for the more experienced; it is fair to say that he ALWAYS provides value for money.

For $7 a simple introduction to Budd's teaching can be accessed via "The Beginners Guide to Online MLM Mastery Audio Training."

Depending on whether his style and delivery is relatable, his full offering can then be obtained:

The 7 Figure Networker System

For anyone wanting online success it is essential one is positioned as a leader, someone who can add value, and Budd accomplishes this through the 7 Figure Networker System. This allows pretty much anyone to brand themselves as a leader, and start generating their own online leads.

Lead generation is one of the most critical aspects of building a successful business, either on or offline.

The Top Producer Formula

Though not always available (a strategy used by many to enhance "desire"), this does offer, under a single roof, his combined strategies for online success, and like all his products, value for money. For the beginner, it outlines the parameters and a path through the online maze, which, without doubt, considerably shortens the exponential learning curve undertaken by new industry entrants.

The Mastermind Training Programmes

Jonathan has produced a whole series of marketing tools:

Life Transformation Now Coaching Club

The Online MLM Mastermind Course

Paid Media Secrets

My Company Traffic Formula

7 Figure Networker Elite Annual Coaching Programme

MLM Launch Formula Coaching Programme

The Video Marketing Mastery 7 week Intensive

The Social Media Mastery 8 Week Intensive Training Course.

In Closing, I would say any information provided by Jonathan Budd is well worth the investment both in terms of time and money.

What is sometimes overlooked, is that success in any field ALWAYS comes at a price; usually overcoming negative "self-talk" and other obstacles that stop most people from breaking through, is familiar to those who have also "paid the price"

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