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How to Get Over a Girl and Still Have Your Sanity

Have you been feeling a little crazy trying to figure out "how to get over a girl"? Has the whole thing gotten you way down? Well, you are not alone.
When we are in a relationship our body is emitting various hormones which bring on that delicious feeling of being in-love.
When we lose the relationship we lose the source of the hormones.
We then go through a bit of withdrawal.
Depending on your nature, you could feel as desperate as a heroin addict going cold turkey.
But we can learn how to get over a girl by creating our own "methadone program.
" There are certain activities you can engage in which will duplicate at least some of those hormones.
It is not a perfect solution, but will help quite a bit.
The primary action to take is to make your life as exciting and as engaging as possible as you begin to forage forward on your own.
You might want to try a new activity in your life, something totally engaging, which might even improve you or your future.
Think creative, fun, exciting and totally absorbing.
The point is fall in love with your life to replace the love you lost.
This is the best answer to "how to get over a girl".
Here are a few basic ways to replace your love hormones.
They may sound a bit extreme, and some of these ideas are, but the point is you want to choose something new in your life to do that is going to really, really absorb you.
Healthy: begin competitive body building, take up salsa dancing and enter some competitions, go hiking in the Himalayans.
Wealthy: learn how to day trade futures, begin to invest in distressed real estate, begin your financial freedom project to retire in 10 years.
Wise: learn how to meditate, begin a stand-up comedy career, volunteer as a Big Brother.
The list is endless of the ways you can make your life exciting and captivating.
Healthy excitement releases in your body endorphins which are the feel good hormones released in the more mature phase of a love relationship.
In the early stage of a love relationship there are other hormones released which create that "in love" feeling.
There are ways to replace these hormones too, but is too lengthy to cover here.
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