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How to Start a Keelboat Outboard Motor

  • 1). Sit facing the motor, or secure yourself in another position if sitting is not possible.

  • 2). Tilt the motor back if it has been locked in the "up" position.

  • 3). Open the tank vent.

  • 4). Move the gearshift lever to neutral.

  • 5). Set the choke between half and full.

  • 6). Adjust the throttle to the "start" position.

  • 7). Prime the fuel system by squeezing the gas-line bulb until it feels firm.

  • 8). Pull the manual starter cord, or press the starter button on motors with electric starters.

  • 9). Reduce the chock and throttle after the motor starts.

  • 10

    Adjust the choke if your motor doesn't start after three or four tries.

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