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Fight - Into The Pit Box Set Review Rating

After leaving Judas Priest in 1992, Rob Halford formed Fight. It included his former bandmate Scott Travis (drums) along with some relatively unknown sidemen. They released a couple of CDs and an EP before disbanding.

Into The Pit collects all of Fight's recorded work into a 3 CD and 1 DVD collection. It includes 1993's War Of Words,1994's Mutations, 1995's A Small Deadly Space and a DVD of a show recorded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1993.

All three albums have been remixed and remastered. War Of Words was Fight's best effort. It combined classic Judas Priest with modern (at the time) metal. Mutations was a combination of remixes of songs from the first album and live tracks. One of the live songs is Judas Priest's "Freewheel Burning." A Small Deadly Space found Fight's sound evolving into a heavier, groovier style. There were also none of Halford's trademark falsetto vocals. He used his lower register exclusively on that CD.

The DVD isn't the best quality, but it captures the band in an intimate setting. It uses only two cameras, so isn't the Dolby 5.1 with 87 cameras that modern DVDs utilize. They perform the entire War Of Words CD in order, along with one extra track. Fight was a fairly overlooked group, as Halford (the band) had much more success. They did have some interesting stuff, and it's great that Into The Pit collects everything in one package.

(released May 27, 2008 on Metal God Entertainment)

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