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Fall 2011 Shoe Trends You Can Wear for Spring 2012

A change in temperature always brings new shoe styles, but that doesn't mean you have to stop wearing all those shoes you fell in love with last season.

Here are a few of Fall and Winter's hottest shoe trends that will see you well through Spring.

Cage and Cut-Out Booties

As cage and cut-out booties were hitting the shelves last Fall, many women complained that open toes, cut-away sides, and caged uppers didn't mix with cool-weather footwear. But as strikingly similar styles are coming out this Spring, the method to the madness is revealed: the lifespan of these styles is much longer than that of booties that offer fuller coverage.

If you ignored the traditionalists and jumped on the cut-out bandwagon, now's your chance to strap on those booties and gloat.

Pictured: Pelle Moda "Kammi"

Hot Shoe Colors: Light Neutrals and Earth Tones

The hottest shades this season are light neutrals like beige and taupe, but light browns, cognacs and tans are hot as well. So if the style is right, don't pack them away just yet -- they might just make the perfect accessory for your warm-weather wardrobe.

Pictured: Proenza Schouler "OE9002"

Fringe Sandals and Shoes

It may be too warm for those Fringe boots you bought last Fall, but if you were clever enough to have splurged on fringe shoes, you're a step ahead of the crowd.

New styles of fringed sandals and shoes are hitting the shelves as I type this, and many of last season's styles are practically indistinguishable from the newer versions.

Pictured: Jessica Simpson "Geni"

Purple Shoes

Purple was the footwear color for Fall 2008. While the color is not nearly as omnipresent this season, it certainly won't be too out of place -- especially mid-tone and lighter shades. And with blue, purple is expected to be hot again this Fall, so you might as well just keep those plum shoes out and active.

Pictured: Type Z "Jenna"

Gladiator Sandals and Shoes

If you're going to reach all the way back into last Summer's storage, be sure to grab those gladiator sandals, because they're going to be hot this year as well. Platforms and other high heeled styles are particularly hot.

Pictured: Sam Edelman "Nilla"

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