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How to Find Best Web Host

The most important decision for website owners is to select the right kind of hosting provider.
There are very less problems with reliable hosting providers, however poor hosting can lead you to different problems.
Choosing right hosting is tricky and complex task, as you have to consider many important steps before purchasing a hosting account.
Below are few tips to look while choosing the hosting service for your website.
Hosting space A hosting provider usually allots you a fixed amount of disk required for website.
Don't go for hosts offering unlimited disk space, unlimited hosting is a marketing gimmick to attract customers.
Usually website doesn't occupy much disk space, unless they have huge images or videos in code.
Estimate the size of your code and database (for dynamic websites), also consider some extra space for future needs and scalability.
You need to ensure enough space, especially if you have a graphic or multimedia website.
Bandwidth or data transfer Make sure that you have enough bandwidth to stay online.
Have an estimate of your web-page size and number of visitors you may have in a month.
Two to five Gb transfer is more than enough for a normal website having one thousand visitors in a month with 40 Kb pages size.
Control Panel You need a control panel for daily maintenance tasks or taking backups.
Cpanel is one of the most popular and stable control panels in market.
Always choose a hosting that offers you Cpanel or some other popular control panel like Directadmin etc.
Price Price plays vital role in any business.
There may be expensive hosts providing bad service and some cheap hosts with good performance.
Don't go for expensive hosting without verifying the reliability.
Check for online reviews, especially search bad reviews for any host before purchasing the account.
There are many cheap web host offering excellent services in tiny price.
Customer care Try to email your web host for different queries or contact them on live chat, this will give you idea of support department, How quick and helpful they are.

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