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The Drug Personality - What is an Addictive Personality and What Are the Underlying Causes?

Drug personalities or addictive personalities are made by drug abuse and it's lifestyle.
Drug addiction changes people's behavior.
Drug and alcohol abusers can change it back by gaining greater abilities and skills.
Ending addiction doesn't require submission, as much as it requires admission that they could use some help out of their mess.
However, there is such a thing as a drug personality.
It is artificial and is created by drug and alcohol abuse.
Besides the physical effects of the drugs on their mind, the drug abusers lifestyle forms a significant part of their character.
Drug Personality Traits -- An alcohol or a drug abuser will eventually:
  • Lie to family, friends, and employers
  • Become unreliable
  • Have mood swing
  • Be dishonest
  • Become secretive and distant
Their drug personality will cause them to commit wrong doings for which they'll feel guilty.
Guilt is a major cause of former drug abusers continual relapse.
Have you ever asked yourself why drug and alcohol abusers have low self-esteem?
The oxford English Dictionary defines "self-esteem" as: confidence in one's own worth or abilities.
While drug and alcohol abusers tend to justify their actions and abuse to reaffirm their rightness, deep inside, they know that they're being harmful to themselves and to the ones around them.
They know it as they lie and steel from others and feel guilty about it.
Mental depression is a consequence of low self esteem and guilt.
Sometimes drug & alcohol abusers will try artificial means to boost their self esteem by wearing, for example, expensive brand name clothing, or putting on an air of confidence but these artificial means don't really work.
The only real way to improve their self esteem is for them to increase their real worth to themselves and the ones around them.
For that a drug or alcohol abuser will need to do a lot of good.
And for that they'll need to once again improve their abilities to honestly and successfully deal with the challenges of life.
While changing one's behavior is not a new idea, the fact that behavior is actually creating an artificial drug personality is new.
Solving The Drug Personality
If a person goes to meetings they may or may not change their ways enough to get the full benefit of their support group.
Factually, people only accept the amount of help they believe they deserve.
If a person continues dishonest living, their rehabilitation will be sabotaged by themselves more than the lack of perceived efficacy of a support program.
Removing a drug or alcohol abuser from their environment long enough for them to change their ways, is helpful when you see a continued pattern of dishonest behavior -- the drug personality.
But if the drug abuser isn't rapidly straightening up, you'll need to get them to a good rehab that fully addresses their guilt.
The solution to handling the underlying causes of the 'drug personality' is to rid a drug abuser or alcoholic of their guilt and then teach them the necessary skills to make a real difference in their life and the lives of the ones they love.

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