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How to Print Out a Free Used Car Bill of Sale Form

    • 1). Mark number 1 on the paper and list that as the Seller's information. It should be followed by all pertinent information. This is very important to have on a used care bill of sale form in case legal proceedings are needed for either party. Example:

      1. Seller
      A. Name:
      B. Social Security Number:
      C. Physical Address:
      D. Mailing Address if different:
      E. Phone Number:

    • 2). Mark number two and make this the Buyer's information. Use the same format as you did for the Seller.

      2. Buyer
      A. Name:
      B. Social Security Number:

    • 3). Use number 3 to list the details about the Vehicle Sold. Example:

      3. Vehicle Sold
      A. Type of Vehicle and Color:
      B. Make
      C. Model:
      D. Year:
      E. Registration Number:
      F. Engine Number:
      G. Vehicle Identification Number:
      H. Odometer Reading:

    • 4). Label 4 of the bill of sale for a car so that it deals with the Vehicle Ownership. It should basically state that the Seller is the owner and has the right to sell the car. Example:

      4. Vehicle Ownership
      Seller guarantees that s/he is the lawful owner of the Vehicle Sold and it is free of any legal disputes or claims.

    • 5). Section 5 should state the sale is an 'as-is' sale unless otherwise specified A used auto bill of sale is almost always 'as-is', meaning the seller is not liable for any trouble the car may have at a later date. Example:

      5. As-Is Sale
      A. Seller gives no warranty beyond what is specified in this document.
      B. Vehicle Sold is "As-Is" and Seller shall not be liable for any defects.
      C. Buyer admits having inspected the vehicle to satisfaction and no guarantees, beyond those in this agreement, were expressed or implied by the Seller regarding quality or condition.

    • 6). Label section 6 as Guarantees. This will be where you state things that do not fall under the 'as-is' sale. It's a nice idea that if you bought something new under warranty that you tell the Buyer you can return it if it has any problems and get a new one. Also, be sure to state there are no fees or penalties against the car. Example:

      6. Guarantees
      A. Seller warrants, at the date of signature of sale, there are no fees, fines or penalties against the Vehicle Sold.
      B. Battery is new and with proper care will last one year or be replaced.
      C. Starter has a six month warranty and if returned to Seller can be replaced for free.

    • 7). Use section 7 to place stipulations on the ownership of the car. This would be where you say the Buyer needs to pay for registration costs and that the seller will sign over the car in so many days. Always write the number and write it as a word.

      7. Transfer of Ownership
      A. All documents to transfer ownership of Vehicle Sold from Seller into the name of the Buyer will be signed within ____(__) days of signing this bill of sale.
      B. Seller will not be liable for any costs relating to the registration of Vehicle Sold.

    • 8). Make section 8 deal with the purchase price and payment plan if there is one. If there's a payment plan it needs to be stated very clearly what the plan is. If there is only a lump sum payment, B can be changed to say what date the full price will be paid. Example:

      8. Purchase Price and Payment
      A. Purchase Price is $__________(__________)
      B. Buyer agrees that the balance of the Purchase Price of $__________ must be paid in increments of $_____ every ____ weeks.
      C. Seller acknowledges a deposit of $_______ was received on _________.
      E. Vehicle Sold's ownership will only pass to Buyer when a bank honors all checks received and only when checks received equal the full Purchase Price.
      F. Buyer agrees the deposit is non-refundable if Buyer is to fail to make payments on the car.
      G. Buyer agrees should any payments on Vehicle Sold be inadequate of the amount agreed upon or missed completely that Buyer will not have further claim to Vehicle Sold, Seller may repossess Vehicle Sold and no payments made before inadequate or missed payment will be refunded.

    • 9). Finish by putting in a disclaimer that both parties read and understood before signing then place two signature lines for the Buyer and Seller. Add two spaces for each person's witnesses. Example:

      By signing this bill of sale both Seller and Buyer agree that they have read and fully understand the agreement above. They also agree that all contact information given is correct and addresses provided are the correct addresses for which legal proceedings can be brought, if necessary.

      Seller: ___________
      1. Witness___________
      2. Witness ___________
      Buyer: ____________
      1. Witness ___________
      2. Witness ___________

    • 10

      Print out bill of sale form.

    • 11

      Make sure everyone reads and agrees to the used car bill of sale form before signing.

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