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If God is Love then Why is There Dogma?

The world is in turmoil because souls are crying for freedom from the vestiges of materialism and injustice. In true reality, there is no place for starvation in a world that is full to the brim with abundance. There is no place for poverty in a world laden with plenty, yet it exists everywhere.

       All the travails of the world are reversible as we become conscious they relate with the lack of awareness that God is here, in you, in me and everywhere.     Currently we believe we have limitations and that only a select few may attain all that their heart desires, but we are wrong in these assumptions.

       Nowhere in our consciousness is there a belief that there is a lot more we can do or that we have the abilities to create with the power of higher receptivity. Understanding the simplicity of God awareness requires lateral thinking thus, stop thinking literally as it serves no one. Know that God is!

       This is what prayer is; yes, it is higher consciousness communicating with God telepathically. There is no requirement for words, remember Jesus said not to use too many words as the heathens do because the primary focus depends on sincere unwavering intent.

       Thus, as we enlarge our consciousness we learn that God expresses through our lives. Then we find that as she realizes her potential through the creative process we find that he is visible. Yes, we then know the truth because we have sought answers on our own through listening to our soul's requests for direct communication.

       In the reality of our souls awareness God is unconditional, God is love and God asks each of us to find our souls path in order for the triumvirate of body mind and spirit to function efficiently. There is no dogma beyond love, because when love is true there is no need for anything else.

       If I love my neighbour then I shall not offend or injure her in any way without exceptions. If you love your partner there is no way in hell you shall ever deny your love when that love is unconditional. Currently, we have an exchange program in effect and this is the opposite of real unconditional love.

       Religions created dogma as a weapon to discipline because the design of religions is to dominate not to educate so the flock may find freedom. Remember Jesus said, listen if you will to the teachers of the law but do not follow their examples. Through freedom, we find our identities and grow accordingly.

       As our identity matures with each stage of awareness completeness emanates from every nuance of our being and we simply become. Silence becomes music; then we find that behaviours have merits in and of each because we recognise God within. The journey through life commences via deep meditation and worth the effort gifting your life with immense abundance as you grow towards your soul's fulfillment.

       Finally as you ask the question - Who is God, Where is She, Why is He Invisible? – You will know the answer – God is within and as such, you become free. To be free is the quintessential benefit of knowing God!

       In continuity then, as God is unconditional love we realise there are no rules beyond that which serves our soul's journey. Dogma takes a trip in a slow leaky boat to the farthest reaches of the coldest oceans while you reside in the paradise of contentment. Bon voyage! God bless!

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