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Hong Kong Film Festival- Witness the cinematic genius of Asia's rising and established film mak

The area of Hong Kong known as Kowloon is one of the most urbanized parts of the city and offers a host of activities ranging from shopping to business. As one of the most developed cities in all of Asia, Hong Kong is a center for the arts such as film making. As a result, the Hong Kong Film Festival, being the premier film festival in Asia, attracts talent from many nations and displays the up and coming talent that exists in Asia.

The Hong Kong Film Festival was organized by the Hong Kong Urban council in 1977, and showcased various world cinema pieces. From then on, the festival grew steadily till 1979, where a standard showcasing of Hong Kong retrospective and modern cinema along with international and Asian cinematic pieces, propelled the Festival to the status that it holds today.

Guests that attend the Festival can expect the cream of the crop in terms of cinematic works to be offered. The festivals committee displays unmitigated dedication in its selection of movies, ensuring that attendees of the festival return time and time again. Simply the atmosphere of the festival is exciting because of the deep passion for film that is shared by all, making even a humble attendee feel as though they are one of the many stars that attend this reputed event. Coming to the topic of stars, the festival attracts the most prominent Asian actors and actresses to mingle amongst attendees creating a truly memorable experience for all who attend. The seminars held by esteemed film makers as well as many film exhibitions and celebrity parties, allow further opportunity for festival visitors to be among Asian cinema's elite on the red carpet.

This event is also considered to be the main cultural attraction in Hong Kong, as it is not simply a film festival, but also a display of various cultures all across Asia, helping audiences delve into what truly influences these spectacular films. The 11 stunning locations where these films are showcased is in itself a cultural experience.

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