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Primitive Autumn Crafts


    • Displaying a wooden crow in a flower pot is perfect for both autumn themes as well as for Halloween. For this decoration, purchase, or cut out, a large triangle that measures 8 inches at its base and a ½-inch dowel rod. Other materials include white, black and yellow paint.

      Paint the large triangle black, and let it dry. Once dry, paint two white circles on the top portion of the triangle for eyes. Notice that the bottom of the crow is the largest end. Paint the irises black, and paint a yellow triangle-shaped beak between the eyes.

      Attach the dowel rod to the back of the crow with a 1-inch screw. Place the finished crow in a large flower pot that contains autumn flowers.

    Raffia Scarecrow

    • A raffia scarecrow is easy to create, and easily adapted for both the fall season and Halloween. For this project locate a pair of old jeans, a flannel shirt, straw colored pillow case, gloves and old straw hat. Other materials needed include golden colored raffia, straw, a wooden cross section for stabilization, and black and red paint.

      Place the pants and shirt on the wooden cross section. Then use straw to stuff the pants and shirt. Tie raffia bows at the ends of the pants leg, and at the waist. Securely tie the pants portion of the scarecrow to the wooden cross section through the belt loops.

      Stuff the gloves with straw and then insert them inside the flannel shirt. Tie the arms off with raffia bows, making sure to secure the gloves in place.

      Now stuff the pillow case, making sure to leave it rounded at the top, so it will easily represent a face. Paint eyes, nose and a mouth on the pillowcase. Set it on the top piece of the wooden cross section and tie it to the pole inside the shirt. Button the shirt around the pillow and tie the neck with a raffia bow.

    Pumpkin Patch

    • Wooden pumpkin forms can be easily drawn or purchased at craft stores. These pumpkins can be incorporated into other decorations, as well as are used for the main centerpiece for autumn decor.

      Materials needed are orange, black, red, yellow, and blue paint. Simply paint the base pumpkin orange, and if desired, add facial details with the other paint colors.

      Pumpkins can be painted with funny faces, as well as spooky faces. For outside display, use glow-in-the-dark paint for the pumpkin faces.

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