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John Deere Gator Instructions

    • 1). Keep your Gator well maintained. Make sure the operator side of the vehicle is free of debris, including mud or anything that could prevent proper operation of the pedal or impede exit. Take a wet cloth and wipe down safety decals regularly, keeping them free of dirt.

    • 2). Put safety first. Never allow an inexperienced driver behind the wheel of your John Deere Gator. Keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on board. Utilize the steps, as well as handholds, when boarding or exiting the vehicle. Do not jump off the Gator. Wear your seat belt.

    • 3). Drive carefully. Do not make sudden speed bursts or slam on brakes. When taking sharp curves, maintain a lower speed. Do not enter tight, confined areas with the John Deere Gator. When driving on a slope, refrain from making sharp turns since this could result in a rollover. Engage the clutch slowly if you are exiting a ditch or traveling up a hill. Select a low gear when returning down a hill. Do not hit tree branches.

    • 4). Get familiar with switch modes. Try out switches while in park before driving your John Deere Gator for the first time. The front and rear work lights, along with the four-way flashers, headlights and beacon, are set to "off" in the low position and "on" in the high position. The turn signal is to the left for a left-turn indicator, right for a right turn and center to turn off the switch. The wiper is in low mode at the lowest position, high at the highest switch position and off in the center spot.

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